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Kunshan Jincheng Gas Equipment Co., LTD. (Kunshan Jinhu Engineering Technology Co., LTD. 2002-2008) is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the application research and development of psa oxygen production equipment. Relying on professional advantages, the company not only has an excellent management team, but also perfect hardware facilities and experienced professional team, perfect reasonable management system to enable the company to do better in all aspects. The company is committed to the research and development, design, production, sales of various psa oxygen equipment and related services and provide technical advice and solutions.
  • 2008years

    Set up

  • 1.00Hundred million

    Registered capital

  • 100people

    The number of employees

  • 99.9%

    Equipment success rate


  • 江铜集团

  • 云锡集团

  • 泉林纸业

  • 五粮液集团

  • 四川永丰纸业等企业

  • 韶关冶炼

  • 中科院理化所

  • 清华大学环境工程学院

  • 上海化工院

  • 海诚科技等科研单位

  • 华南理工大学

  • 金宏气体股份有限公司

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